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1. Training doctors testimonial

2. Clients / Patients testimonial

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1. Training doctors testimonial

Dr Adilur Rahman, MD Derm, Assam

Ph : 094355 38599

I am a consultant dermatologist in Assam and gradually my interest in dermatosurgery and cosmetology came because many of my patients were now asking for it. I visited a Laser & cosmetic dermatology center ( Epidermis ) in Chennai, where I met Dr. Avitus John who had come there from Madurai to do consultation and laser procedures. There I saw and learned many dermato-surgical tips from him. He is an excellent laser surgeon as well as cosmetic dermatologist. In that meeting I decided to go for training at Madurai under Dr.John.

The day I landed in Madurai Dr.John personally picked me up from the Airport and took me to the guest house which had almost everything for a perfect stay and it had a kitchen as well. I was picked up the next morning by doctor John and he took me to his clinic, I was amazed at the look of the clinic which was well planned and clean.

Every day for the next 7 days I was taught different lasers and techniques and when my second week came I was given complete freedom in doing the lasers which helped me feel confident in doing any laser procedure. I was taught about set up of a laser clinic, functioning and maintenance of lasers, even finance and how to break even and which lasers to but first, how to upgrade. These things gave me a complete understanding of how to run a laser clinic.

I was trained in all laser technologies, different peel, various surgical procedures and many techniques innovated by Dr. John which could make many procedures have a good outcome. His Ultra Thin Epidermal grafting technique was so beautiful and he made do it perfectly showing all intricacies and tips which I have not seen in workshops I have attended. The training is full time with just 30 mins lunch break, even in that time procedures will be going on. Most important, post procedure care and handling of complications was one of the main aspect of this training which I should mention.

Every day after a very busy day of training. Dr John would bring me back to the guest house and spend almost two hours discussing about the lasers and clear all my doubts which I had in the day in very warm and friendly atmosphere.

The staff at S.P.Derma Center were very intelligent and so helpful to me. My training was excellent and exhaustive, I have learnt so many thing from Dr.John and I am grateful to him for sharing and giving so much knowledge.

Dr. R.M Rajasekar MD Derm S/O Dr.R.Manickavasagam MD Derm Thanjavur

Ph : 9443009999

I had just completed MD in March 2011 and I took up my training at S.P.Derma Center in July 2011. I heard about Dr. Avitus and called him for training in April and he gave me dates in July. On the day I reached Madurai I was taken to the guest house, the place was so comfortable and I had just met Dr. Avitus who was so friendly and welcoming.

The first day of training began introduction to the clinic and staff and within half an hour the procedures started which went nonstop and when I saw the time it was already one o'clock and I took a 15 min break and again observed the procedures which went on till 5 pm. I was amazed by the variety of procedures and lasers being done in one single day and I understood how the training was going to be.

There are two OT so you are never short of cases, even with almost 150-175 patients everyday Dr. John was able to teach so well finding time for me. That is something I felt how dedicated he was in teaching. I was impressed by the knowledge he shares about lasers, he almost has an innovative technique for every laser procedure.

On my second week my hands training started and I was so overwhelmed by the number of cases but the staff at derma center are so helpful, they guided you and make you feel so comfortable. Dr.John used to come at the end of the procedure to assess and teach me some modifications and correct my errors. When I was performing the procedure alone and since I was doing the full case without any apprehension it gave me confidence.

Every day evening Dr john would take classes on different lasers covering extensively a variety of topics from peel, microderm, lasers technologies and dermatosurgery. He teaches the basics and mechanism and says that if I could learn the working of a laser, then I could use any laser which comes in the future without fear.

I was trained IPL, Lp NdYAG, Diode, Co2, Qs NdYAG technologies and different lasers including Fraxel technology of both Co2 and diode. I was able to learn the post procedure care and see the results as the patient came for review. Once you see the results your confidence level goes up and makes you assured of results using lasers. Dr.John is an excellent teacher and the enthusiasm he shows in making you perfect is commendable. Bring a camera and handycam if possible because there is so much to observe and learn. I had an opportunity to accompany him to Mysore where he did a solo full day workshop on laser and cosmetology. He started the workshop at 9 Am and completed it by 6 Pm without taking a break even for lunch. I have never seen such a vibrant personality and he talking from morning till evening. The doctors who attended the workshop looked amazed at what Dr.John was doing and they all appreciated his work.

The stay was very comfortable and the food was not a problem, there is a good Veg restaurant EMAR hotel near by since I am a vegetarian I was very happy. I saw many good restaurants and burger shops for non vegetarians as well. The clinic and guest house is very near under 2 km so transport was never a problem though everyday Dr.Avitus takes you back but there is a auto stand below the clinic who can help you around and they are all patients of Dr.Avitus.

Finally I would like to say is that the training is excellent and very useful if you are going to start your career. Dr John gives so much advice and the knowledge he shares is immense. I thank Dr.John for the training he has given me and for making my stay comfortable.

Dr.Muthanna.K.Abbas M.B.Ch.B, DDV, Basrah Iraq


Dr. Hemalatha Shankar MBBS, D.Cos, Chennai

Words from the heart

To impart knowledge is an art, not everyone can teach, it is a skill which needs devotion and a pure heart to part with knowledge gained thro' hard work for the benefit of the younger generation.

I had trained in medical cosmetology, and was working in department of dermatology in India and Oman as junior resident, later on as senior resident; I had special interest in medical aesthetics. I wanted to develop my skills in my chosen field. I and my husband tried various countries for hands on experience in medical aesthetics. The training available was just limited to workshop for a day or two; this was not the type I was looking for.

In one of the cuticon conference I came upon Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad, I had earlier came upon his name thro' a doctor colleague from Andhra ,with little apprehension in mind I decided to go to Madurai SP Derma centre for my month long training.

I reached Madurai and Dr.Avitus guided us by phone. With his help we reached SP derma center; he was waiting for us even after his clinic hours, and took us to the flat. The accommodation was very comfortable ,well furnished , had an hall, kitchen with gas stove, induction cooker and a fridge, bed room was air-conditioned ,a neat bathroom attached to the bed room, inverter ,TV and a DVD player . All that is needed to make you feel at home, the best part is, there is a small provision store just below the flat for all your daily grocery needs. My family used to visit me during the weekends, half my apprehension had gone.

Next day I went to SP derma Center (a short distance from the flat) it was 9 AM in the morning. I was taken aback by the crowd of patients waiting for treatment. In front of my eyes I see the wealth of clinical material for my training. I entered the clinic, Dr.Avitus and Dr. Sheeba Avitus welcomed me, I was introduced to the staff of the clinic .The atmosphere was of discipline and orderliness. The message was clear to me how I had to conduct myself. The initial part is to learn some basic theory and observation of the procedure, and to watch the consultation and to make your observation. We can ask questions and clear our doubts. After we have grasped the basics, we are allowed to learn the procedure on subjects under supervision. After you have picked up enough skill and confidence you are allowed to do it on your own. My apprehension melted away by the treatment I got and the kindness of Dr.Avitus and Dr.Sheeba. I was taken care of very well.

The training starts by 9AM, with a 30 min lunch break, the work winds up by 6 PM from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is off. In the ground floor of the clinic there is a bakery and a small eatery at the Corner of the building. Lunch and evening snacks can be bought from these places if needed. There are enough books and e -material related to all aspect of cosmetology for our reference . It is better to bring your camera and laptop and a few empty long size note books for our work. You will literally be exhausted by the amount of procedure one does at the centre.

I was trained in microdermaberation,diamond peel, chemical peel, electro cautery using hyfrecator , derma roller, photo therapy, acne scar treatment, Co2 lasers, IPL, long pulse Nd yag, skin lightening, tattoo removal to name a few etc….

Every minute I spent at SP derma center, my confidence grew under the watch-full supervision of Dr.Avitus. I was very confident at the end of my training, that I can apply my new skills to my patients for their benefit. I am well versed with all the instruments; the training was so designed that I can handle any instrument with ease. I consider myself very fortunate to be trained by Dr.Avitus at SP Derma center.At any time we can call him and clear our doubts. As a teacher he is there to guide you and see you thro' any storm.

Dr. Parminder Chaman Chandigarh

First of all i would like to thank you and your staff for being very supportive to me.

The training imparted at SP DERMACENTER is comprehensive and unique in many ways as one gets to know about practical implications of various procedures , patient selection, hands on training, theory classes . The patients inflow is so much that i could get to see and learn almost every procedure. You have your unique and innovative way of doing many procedures with a logical and scientific approach which i got to learn.

Through out my training i have felt that you are Genius . I could always get my queries solved and you have the answer to every practical question related to our day to day clinical practice.

The work atmosphere at your centre is so friendly and training doctor gets complete independence and freedom to learn as much as they can.

And above all is the considerate and humane behaviour towards everyone one may it be your patients, staff or doctors.

The stay at Madurai is very comfortable. You and Dr Grace took care of every little thing to make me comfortable and so i could concentrate on my academics very well.

Your hard work and enthusiasm towards your profession inspired me a lot

Dr. Rav Sharan Singh MD Patiala,Punjab

Dear Dr.Raakesh , this is to thank you for your immense support and interest that u took in my training this year. This training was the best thing one can do after post graduation if he is interested in dermato cosmetology. The thing that I liked the most was your interest in the work. You never taught me the bookish things that I could have repented later.

The most important was hands on as they all say , but actually after getting trained at sp derma center i came to know what really is hands on. The way u show confidence in the trainee doctor it makes immense difference in his performance .Your way was just so good and practical that it left a deep impact. More than your skill, what impressed me  about you was your amazingly genial behavior with one and all, the absolute professionalism and infectious enthusiasm that you brought to your work.

Not only work even my stay was very comfortable and my privacy not disturbed, moreover that after the clinics discussions would have been impossible if i was in a hotel (those discussions are paying me now). I am practicing good because of support n knowledge imparted by you to me. As the field of dermato-surgery is ever advancing and developing & I would love to join you once a year for a refresher course until I can.

Dr. Senthil Ashokan MD Dharmapuri ,Tamilnadu

I had completed my training from Dr.Avitus sir recently and would like to share my experience through this testimonial. I wanted to get trained from Dr.Avitus, right after I attended his talk on vitiligo surgery in a Bangalore conference during my postgraduation time, where he taught every single step including the tinniest possible mistake one could make and how to avoid it. Immediately after passing my course in April 14, I applied for the training and I was lucky to get admitted by October.

On my first day sir took me to the guest house which is a 1bhk apartment with all the amenities needed for a perfect 15 days stay. It is very close to the centre and has plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. I freshened up and went to the centre to start my training right away. The centre is fully equipped and the staffs there were very friendly and made me feel right at home.

After witnessing a marathon of procedures I went to the flat, and 30 minutes later sir came to the flat for the theory class, which I feel is the best part of the training. In which every procedure is explained right from switching on the machine to complications and followup. Sir taught me the theory behind every step in a procedure and how a procedure can be pushed to its limit to achieve excellent results and at the same time avoiding complications. It is that fine refinement,which I felt was missing in other training programmes.

During the programme, Sir was around to correct all the errors I made. He held my hand while taking a UTEG graft for vitiligo and showed me the right pressure, momentum and depth in taking it. He took all the efforts to make sure I get the procedure right. His interest in teaching was exceptional and truly inspiring.

To sum up, the entire training program was an wholesome experience to be cherished by all the budding dermatologists.

Dr. Hema A.V , DVD, Kerala.

This was one of the best training I had ever attended. The training was very inspirational, energizing, with substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice oriented. Since the time I decided to take the training at SP Derma center, I was impressed by the professionalism displayed by Dr Avitus and his staff. They helped to fix the dates convenient for me, arranged my stay and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Dr Avitus was very patient and selflessly explained the techniques and theory to impart the necessary skills. I had plenty of opportunities to learn and practice the skills. I am thankful to Dr Avitus and the staffs for giving me such a wonderful learning experience and making my stay at Madurai a pleasant and memorable one.

Dr. Monisha Mohanty- Mangaraj, MBBS,DNB (Dermatology& Venereal Disease) email-

Ever since i cleared DNB in in April 2013. i was very interested in dermatosurgery, lasers& cosmetology. But i was always in a dilemma where exactly to get my training from till i came to know about S P Derma centre through the internet and one of my friend who was trained earlier here.

As i was a north indian female though i decided to come down to Madurai for the training, i was sceptical regarding the language problem, food and different culture,and authenicity of the training programme. On my arrival at Madurai, Dr John personally picked me up from the railway station. I was taken to the clinic for a brief time and after formal introduction with clinic staff & consultants i was taken to the guest house which indeed became my home away from home for the next 4 weeks to come.

It had all the facilities like A/C, TV, Fridge, gas stove etc. There was attached bathroom as well. Just below the guest house there was a provision shop for all day-to-day needs. The place was quite safe and homely especially for female trainees who come from far off areas to get trained.

My training began from next day. The timings of clinic was from 7.30 am- 5.30 pm. There would be huge crowd of patients even that early in morning waiting to see docter for consultations, procedures, etc. Never in my life i had seen a dermatology clinic that was so jam packed with patients waiting patiently to see their doctor.

Dr John is an exceptional human being. I am indeed lucky to be trained by him. He has a kind heart and lots of compassion for his patients and staff. While most of the training imparted in cosmetology& dermatosurgery in India are money driven organisations, its heartening to see exceptions like Dr John and SP Derma centre where all care is taken to provide a completely friendly, stress free atmosphere for training docter to get trained.

The first week is observership week and from second week complete freedom in doing each and every procedure is given. Evening time classes and case discussions, consultations doubts etc are clarified.Sunday was off day. Though the training was quite hectic and demanding at the end of it we really become fully confident to handle any kind of cosmetology and dermatosurgery cases alone.

Personally i would like to thank Dr John Sir , Sheeba Madam, and all the staff at SP Derma centre for accepting me , teaching me, training me and carving out the best from me. I wish them all the best and keep doing the nobel work which very few people can genuinely do.

Dr. Rasool Sheik, KL Malaysia

Coming for Dermatology and Cosmotology training to SP Derma Center was one of the best decision I made in my life.

The day I landed in Madurai airport,I was greeted by Dr Avitus John himself and I was brought to the guest house.It was a nice place to stay ,fully furnished and not too far from his training centre.He briefed me on the training and gave me a rough idea how it would be.

The next day was my first day of training and I was shocked to see so many patients waiting to be attended patient even stopped me from going thru as he thought I was another patient cutting queue......

I was introduce to all the staffs and I was already seeing procedures within 5 minutes of arrival.Time really flew and I went for my lunch break for about 15 minutes and back to see more procedures.The same routine carried on for another 3 days and on the 4th day,to my surprise ,Dr Avitus told me to go hands on.

Another thing which I believe is special in his training is the evening classes.Dr Avitus takes it in the guest house which can go on to about 2 hours and it was really beneficial to me as a trainee.Normally the class starts about 6pm and can carry on till dinner time.......the commitment which Dr Avitus shows is amazing.He personally makes sure that the trainees are well trained before the end of training period.

There were so many ideas we shared and I believe that SP Derma Center will be one of the best training centre in the future not only in India,perhaps in Asia and I pray that one day it will be well known through out the world....Insya Allah.

I also attended 2 weekend talks where Dr Avitus was one of the speaker.

As a whole, I had a wonderful training in SP Derma Center and I had a very special brotherly bond with Dr Avitus and this experience will always be a part of me.......

Finally,I would like to thank Dr Avitus for sharing his knowledge and experience with me.

I personally thank all the doctors who have contributed to this testimonial page
Dr Avitus John Raakesh Prasad
Chief Dermatologist & Laser surgeon
S.P.Derma Center

S.P.Derma Center
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