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1. Clients / Patients testimonial

2. Training doctors testimonial

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Clients / Patients testimonial

Me, my family even my 2 year old grand-daughter are clients of sp derma clinic for the past 4 years. Dr Avitus John is not just a doctor but an excellent human being, every time we go for any skin related problems he firsts tell don’t worry I will help you it will be ok and those words makes us forget the problem. I like to suggest anyone with a skin problem to visit this clinic, you will definitely be benefitted.

Mr. Albert D’souza, Madurai.

Pimples and dark patches has been my problem for past 4 years and now they are no more, thanx to derma center. I was suggested by my friend in Madurai about Dr John, since I live in Chennai I was reluctant at first but on my first visit I was impressed by the clinic’s ambience and even the crowd.

Since I took appointment I was able to see the doctor immediately and I was given all the options for treatment and was given a schedule for peels, microderma and laser treatment. The cost was very much affordable compared to Chennai. My skin improved by the fourth session and I was very happy.

Jenifer Pereira, Chennai

I visited the clinic for my unwanted hairs on my face and underarms. Dr. John advised me two different lasers for completion of treatment. At first i was concerned that its going to cost me more but to my surprise charges were nominal. The staff (sumithra) who did my laser was very kind, helpful and personable.

Appointment for the laser was usually available to my convenience. i have completed 7 treatments and my face looks smooth free of hair. I thank derma center for helping me. I would certainly recommend to every women who is looking for a good laser clinic.

Jeyashree, Bangalore.

I had a tattoo which urgently needed to remove since it was going to be a problem for my future, I met Dr. Ganesh who told me it could be done in 10 minutes and I was amazed. As soon as the laser was over my tattoo looked almost gone and I was assured I will be seeing the result in 10 days. Believe it or not the tattoo I had for 13 years vanished. I really appreciate what this clinic has done for my life. Keep up the good work.

Praveen raja, Coimbatore.

Dear doctor,

My name is Mrs.Ja.. Ku..(Patient didn’t want the name to be mentioned). I don’t know whether you remember me, I was suffering with bad scars on my face because of pimples when was in teenage. I was having low self esteem and was worried about my marriage. I visited your clinic and met Dr. Grace and consulted for my scars, the doctor advised me a series of procedures over 6 months and it would cost me around 18,000 – 20,000 totally.

I had no choice though I thought it was costly but once I completed the treatment, I couldn’t believe how much different my face looked. My face looked much better without the horrible scars and from that day I felt like a different person, filled with confidence. Now I am married and settled in Mumbai. I am writing this mail because after coming here I went for a peel to a clinic here and I couldn’t believe the cost, you had charged me only one fourth and given me the best laser treatment. Thank you sir for changing my life.

Mrs.J.R, Mumbai  


We are from Chicago and we came down to Madurai for Christmas, My Daughter had white patches on her face and our family was very depressed when we met Dr.Avitus, he diagnosed it as Leucoderma and told us that he would treat it completely in 6 months. He advised us lumera therapy and we had to come every week, since we could not stay that long I left my daughter with my parents and had to go back to Chicago.

Dr. John updated me about the improvements through e mail, that was so caring of him since we don’t know what’s happening with our child. Its been only 3 months and the white patch is almost cured, my father said that the doctor is kind and my daughter was taken care well. Dr. john is not just a doctor for us but someone who has saved my daughter and my family. I will be coming in June to take my daughter back and personally thank the doctor.  

Mrs.Bagya Sudhakar,  Chicago Illinois (USA)

I’m 32yrs old man. I had complaint of hairfall with bald front and dandruff for a period of 5 to 6 yrs and  I was depressed about it. My friend who was already taking treatment for the hairfall advised me to go to Sp derma. I visited the doctor who did a Hair scan and blood analysis and advised me to take few medicines & diet regimen for a period of six months. I was advised to strictly meet  the doctor once a month for regular.

I started to see good results by the end of 3 months and by the end of eighth month my hair looked better as assured by Dr.John prior to the treatment. This helped me to regain my confidence. I had undergone FUE hair transplant for my front bald patch after eight months of treatment now after one year I look so young and don’t look aged anymore.

Jacob Christopher, Nagerkoil

Just a few things about the clinic, At first when I went I was astonished by the number of patients waiting to see the doctor ,I have never seen a clinic so busy. The waiting rooms and even the corridor was air conditioned and with so much crowd, the patients were relaxed. I was waiting in the VIP lounge and was going through the pamphlets, they have almost every laser and equipment to treat many skin conditions.

I had actually gone for a mole to be removed since it was looking so ugly on my nose and Dr.John removed it with a laser called Co2 laser. The staff in the operation theatre were so helpful in alleviating my fears. Dr. John looked experienced and he explained my every question. He was jovial and relaxed me throughout the surgery. My overall experience was good and I am satisfied.  Highly recommended clinic for any laser treatment.

Prof. Charles Dhinakar, Hyderabad

I am from Canada, I had lots of black dots and blemishes on my face for past few years. When I came down to Madurai for my work on traditional dances of South India, I came across this clinic which was highly recommended by my coordinator. The clinic was more than my expectations, it looked standard with good ambience. I consulted for my problem with Dr.Grace who explained the whole procedure and fixed up an appointment the next day.

After the treatment my face was little reddish with dry skin, I was little concerned so I went the next day to enquire. I was counseled and some special gel was applied, I was so happy on the 3rd day because my skin looked soft and all the blemishes had gone. It looked like a miracle because It looked like I was 5 years younger.

Cybil Edmund, Canada

I personally thank all the clients who have contributed to this testimonial page
Dr Avitus John Raakesh Prasad
Chief Dermatologist & Laser surgeon

S.P.Derma Center
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